screenshot from a video work with rusted lid under leafy bush. white text superimposed reading 'to be brutally, respectfully, courageously honest' the corner of a sunlit grand hall with a ladder, and photos suspended from wire from it to the wall. a trio of performers, in the foreground a wooden board and tap dancing. in the background a floor tom and rocks. there is an artwork hanging on the back wall, which evokes the sounds of the performance. a photo of a screen showing a keynote presentation, the slide highlighted shows a stack of floppy disks in one hand (labelled 132MB) and a memory stick in the other hand (labelled 128GB) a vending machine in situ in a venue, next to a wall of posters an aerial view of a performer laying face down, topless, on a massage table, in a room full of people and sculptural artwork a shop sign, blue with yellow paint under an orange hoarding. no legible words a hallway with a figure laying on the floor by the front door, head out of view. text is superimposed over the image in a way which makes it look like it's in the environment which reads SAFE IN MY OWN SPACE a person doing a trust fall, being caught a leather trenchcoat photographed from above with calligraphic white text, illegible in this view a black and white photocopy of a piece of white crochet which has the letters A and H at the centre looking out from inside, closed blinds. sunlight illuminates the words HOW HIGH in reverse. white satin suspended across a space, projection from the rear of a fleshy shape porcelain hand on white podium, black marker across the palm reads FLAKE OU' pink painting in a white corner with a plant in front, painting reads EXACHOMOL QUOGAL COEXBISEC COMCOR HYSSYN a laptop on a podium. me on laptop, painting a wall stairwell in municipal building, with large grey and colourful painting balanced on far bannister screenshot of browser on mac. i'm peering into the camera from the website background - text in front reads LIKE A PINWHEEL WIRED UP TO A VIOLET WANT / I SEE MY SKIN BLISTER WHERE YOU GRAZE IT / AND I FEEL STUNNING swirled and layered airbrushed text and non text. orange, pink, sunset colours. illustrated elements over the top, including an arrow and the word 'mischief' in reverse ceramic hands in self-built palette structure, suspended at sunset vector graphics of white foot and red 'parsley' scan with transparent background of comic on green recycled card. dialogue reads 'aren't you gonna ask them why they said that?' and 'honestly? i would rather not know' transparent png of four continuous line drawings scan of cover of open journal, black leather with white text fragments scan of pink marbled journal cover scan of pink wire bound journal cover scan of black journal cover with HONOR in black ink on top scan of black painted wire bound journal cover with REALLY HAPPY in white paint on left panel scan of black paper journal cover with white writing about adolescence screenshot of orange oval with haiku reading 'wait i'm not ready | please just a few more minutes | then i'll go, i swear fake light leaks over paper in hand reading 'the ability to be immediately at ease is one to cherish'