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honor ash (b. 1997) is an artist living and working in norwich, england. they are a member of ninetales collective, and run the monthly vending machine based artist residency programme special dispensations.

their practice centres around communication, power, language, community, and alienation. they work in a range of media, including performance, traditional and digital visual mediums, constructed environments, and publications. they have an ongoing photography practice documenting liminal space and human altered landscapes, which is collected under the title OUT/WITH, and updated slowly and continuously on their photog.social profile.

in addition to their art practice, ash produces stand-up comedy for a central london comedy club as well as community focused artistic happenings with ninetales collective. they have facilitated well over 1000 events across comedy, performance art, live music and networking both in person and online. past collaborators include: university of east anglia, london queer artist network (founded by ash in 2017), 5:18 magazine, enterprise innovation solutions, 3 beetles, the association for performance art in berlin, grüntaler 9 and others.

currently they are exploring ways to effectively interrogate the relationship between communities and scale, in both online and offline contexts. they are also putting a lot of energy into imagining kind and liberated futures, and building sustainable ways for their irl community to engage with experimental music and performance.

self portrait in a pink poncho, age 7, disneyland paris





selected works

event production
with ninetales collective





self portrait via photoautomat print out