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honor ash (b. 1997) is an artist living and working in norwich, england.

their practice centres around communication, power, language, community, and alienation. they work in a range of media, including performance, workshops and events, traditional and digital visual mediums, constructed environments, and publications. they have an ongoing photography practice documenting liminal space and human altered landscapes, which is collected under the title OUT/WITH.

since 2017, ash has produced events across comedy, performance art, live music and networking both in person and online, including the show & tell series of open forum workshops with ninetales collective. other collaborators include the university of east anglia, london queer artist network, 5:18 magazine, enterprise innovation solutions, 3 beetles, the association for performance art in berlin, and grüntaler 9.

currently they are working with geeks for social change to imagine and build kind and liberated futures, and creating sustainable ways for their irl community to engage with experimental music and performance as co-director of ambition's graveyard. alongside this, as part of their MA, they are completing a research inquiry into fear and other emotional responses in collaborative, improvised, experimental music.

for current writing & research, visit their blog or gemini capsule [what's this?].

self portrait in a pink poncho, age 7, disneyland paris




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with ambition's graveyard

we regularly put on events at ambition's graveyard, which are open to our members. these include jams, workshops, show & tell (yay! it's back!), indie film screenings, clubs, and more!

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