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explorations (set 3)

november/december 2020
digital paintings

explorations (set 3) is a series of digital paintings which sprung out of a concentrated period of development in digital image creation. painted from scratch using the programme procreate, the images feel painterly and organic, yet still have a sense of digital flatness which proves often inescapable when working in this manner. i spent a lot of time thinking about how i might be able to make this more compact, quick, and low risk format echo the organic wonder of traditional mediums, and (set 3) is about as close as i got to being able to fully realise that ambition.

the content of the images springs from my ongoing pursuit of asemic writing, visual poetry and a confounding of textual inclusions. the elements are all hand drawn using an apple pencil and ipad, often as a whole piece finished in one session. i have a longstanding fascination with blend modes and these works are no exception, with the more complex pieces featuring fragments of indecipherable text emerging from hazy fogs of colour.

this page has been organised roughly so the works reflect a vague chronology, an approximation of the order in which they were created.