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how to OUT/WITH

february - march 2023
FLOCK emerging creatives network & wysing arts centre

how to OUT/WITH was the product of a residency at wysing arts centre commissioned by the FLOCK emerging creatives network.

during the residency, i spent time focusing on OUT/WITH, my ongoing photography project which explores liminal space and the built environment. the intent of the residency was to explore if/how OUT/WITH can translate to a more rural environment.

thanks to the focused environment of the residency, i was able to distill the ways in which OUT/WITH and my photorgaphy practice as a whole tends to favour manmade subjects over more 'natural' ones, and identified a set of rules or instructions which i had been subconsciously applying when taking photos for OUT/WITH.

the project was then exhibited at the halls, norwich, for a FLOCK emerging creatives networking event in march 2023. this installation featured prints of selected images from the residency, a poster detailing the instructions for 'how to OUT/WITH', an essay about natural vs manmade landscapes and my process of creation, and a publication which brings all three elements together.

the publication is available to view as a PDF here or to purchase as an A5, perfect bound book here. the poster is included as an image below, or is available to purchase here. the exhibition text is available to read here.