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spring '83 board

june 2022 - ongoing

spring '83 is a protocol for communication dreamed up by robin sloan. everyone with a key can connect to a spring '83 server, and host a static (html + css only) board within a strict byte limit that updates whenever you feel like pushing an update to it. i'm using robin's demo client, with the key e310afd5a0529279947e4bb79ae686543102a8e864867dd4b8e90101e83e0123.

due to changes in the way boards are rendered outside of the client, it's no longer possible to embed my board here. this means that the only way to view my current board is by using a spring '83 client. below is an archive of my past boards.

fatigue rips through me / like a wave making landfall / or a farewell kiss | poem 7 | june 26th 2022
public construction / in turn embarrassing / and educational | poem 6 | june 24th 2022
psychiatrist, go! / tell me how to live well, or / judge me, but you first | poem 5 | june 22nd 2022
to carve out some time / juddering chisel catches / a minute hand, still | poem 4 | june 21st, 2022
vivid colour seeps / through cracked venetian blinds, to / remind you what's lost | poem 3 | june 20th, 2022
one wonders out loud / if maybe some purity / would be a rare strength | poem 2 | june 18th, 2022
how special to break / collective new ground, buoyed by / good will of strangers | poem 1 | june 17th, 2022