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trust fall

may 2019
durational performance

trust fall was a performance piece commissioned for and performed at queer spectra arts festival in salt lake city, UT, in may 2019, to respond to the festival's theme of BE/LONGING.

"As a queer individual i often find it difficult to feel safe in queer spaces. I can feel alienated from mainstream ideas of what it's like to be queer, like my authentic self does not fit into the narrative that has been designed for me. This work forces me to confront that and trust in anyone who chooses to enter the space created by these artworks, to allow myself to feel truly at ease amongst the people surrounding me. Conversely, it also creates feelings of responsibility and compassion in the audience interacting with the work, qualities which can be lacking in discourse around queer spaces and identities.

By asking the strangers who entered the performance space to catch me, to protect me from the hard concrete floor, i was inviting them to consider both me as an individual but also how they relate to everyone who entered into that environment. To perform this piece in an explicitly queer space, purporting to be a safe space, is to hold the proprietors of said space to account, is to bring into stark relief the preconceptions each participant brings to every queer space they inhabit."